On the Universality of the Weak Interactions

Suteo Got\=o
1957 Progress of theoretical physics  
The possibility of extending the concept of iso-spin to leptons produced in the lepton reactionsthe K-meson decays (KIJ.2, KIJ.3 and K 83 decays), pion decays, muon decays, /3-decays, and nuclear capture of muon-is investigated. If we assign the iso-spin one half for muons and electrons, and zero for the neutrinos produced in the KIJ.2 decays, WP. can find out a suitable selection rule which allows all the well established lepton. reactions and forbids all the unwanted ones. This method is
more » ... ed to the K-meson decays in which the lepton reactions coexist with the boson-boson decays ('l"-73rr, IJ-72rr).
doi:10.1143/ptp.17.107 fatcat:rcnkd6z5mfgyndqv7523nm3owy