Numerical and Empirical Studies on the Hydraulic Conditions of 90 degree converged Bend with Intake

Milad Ketabdar
2016 International Journal of Science and Engineering Applications  
A river's outer bank is the best place to install intake to mitigate the harmful effects of sedimentation. Flow pattern in the intake zone depends on bend geometry, intake location, and intake angle. All previous investigations on a ninety-degree channel bend are limited to studying the flow pattern in non-converged channel bends in the absence of wooden debris. Non-converged channel bends, in natural streams, convert to converged bends due to sedimentation effects. The minimum sedimentation in
more » ... intake, in forest streams, can be seen in the best intake angle in converged channel bends. The experimental model has been employed to determine the best intake angle and the numerical model is used to investigate on flow regime in intake zone by Fluent. Comparing numerical results with empirical results shows that Fluent has a good capability to model flow in converged bend with intake.
doi:10.7753/ijsea0509.1001 fatcat:ikfntjyky5ayzesvyrhl4r3why