Tuning the band structures of a one-dimensional width-modulated magnonic crystal by a transverse magnetic field

K. Di, H. S. Lim, V. L. Zhang, S. C. Ng, M. H. Kuok, H. T. Nguyen, M. G. Cottam
2014 Journal of Applied Physics  
Theoretical studies, based on three independent techniques, of the band structure of a one-dimensional width-modulated magnonic crystal under a transverse magnetic field are reported. The band diagram is found to display distinct behaviors when the transverse field is either larger or smaller than a critical value. The widths and center positions of bandgaps exhibit unusual non-monotonic and large field-tunability through tilting the direction of magnetization. Some bandgaps can be dynamically
more » ... witched on and off by simply tuning the strength of such a static field. Finally, the impact of the lowered symmetry of the magnetic ground state on the spin-wave excitation efficiency of an oscillating magnetic field is discussed. Our finding reveals that the magnetization direction plays an important role in tailoring magnonic band structures and hence in the design of dynamic spin-wave switches.
doi:10.1063/1.4863776 fatcat:kec44qpwgngzdhe6tqfm5lj5be