Efficacy of Acetamiprid 2% Granule against Diamondback Moth on Cabbage by Various Application Methods

Hidemitsu TAKAHASHI, Jun MITSUI, Makio YANO, Tomohiro TAKE, Tomio YAMADA
1999 Journal of pesticide science  
In the previous report, it was reported that the controlled-release formulation of acetamiprid exhibited excellent efficacy in planting hole application and nursery box application against the diamondback moth on cabbage. For the purpose of finding out the more practical, effective usage in soil application for acetamiprid 2%granule, various treating methods were investigated. As a result of the trials, it was confirmed that the order of efficacy was as followed: planting hole application
more » ... nt = nursery box application 1g/plant> plant foot application 1g/plant, and planting hole application 1g/plant= row application 6 kg/1 a=overall-ridge application 12 kg/ 10 a. In the planting hole application, there was no difference in the efficacy between the leaf stages of seedlings as far as the comparison between 2-and 4-leaf stage, and little difference in the efficacy of planting hole application between cell-raised seedlings and bare-root ones used.
doi:10.1584/jpestics.24.23 fatcat:ftxgcgeyunggrahe2zubxlkqea