Evaluation of Synthesized Cross Linked Polyvinyl Alcohol as Potential Disintegrant

Ashok Patel, Pradeep Vavia
2010 Journal of Pharmacy & Pharmaceutical Sciences  
PURPOSE: The present study deals with evaluation of crosslinked poly vinyl alcohol (PVA) as a potential disintegrant. METHODS: Crosslinking of PVA was carried out using glutaraldehyde as a crosslinker, in presence of acidic conditions. The crosslinking reaction was optimized for a) polymer: crosslinker ratio; b) temperature requirement and c) reaction duration. Certain physical parameters of the disintegrant (including sedimentation volume, hydration capacity, specific surface area and bulk and
more » ... tap density) were determined and compared to the known disintegrants. Characterization was carried out using FT-IR, DSC, XRD, SEM and Photo microscopy studies. The developed excipient was also studied for acute toxicity in rats and found to be safe for oral use. RESULTS: Disintegration property of formed product was compared to known disintegrant (Ac-Di-Sol) and it was found to give better results. The disintegration mechanism of developed disintegrant was postulated based on results obtained from various physical evaluations including: Study of effect of disintegrant concentration, fillers, and hardness, mode of incorporation and method of granulation on disintegration activity. CONCLUSIONS: By changing the condition parameters of well known crosslinking reaction of PVA, we obtained a crosslinked product which had excellent disintegration activity, good flow and optimal tableting properties.
doi:10.18433/j3xs3d fatcat:gfja3ryoojdjbkts2tunocjrsm