Mutual exclusion between Salmonberry and Douglas-fir in the Coast Range of Oregon [report]

Kenneth Still
2000 unpublished
One serious problem faced by the forest industry in the Pacific Northwest is poor regeneration of commercial trees ~land which is har vested and subsequently dominated by brush species. In Coastal Oregon, salmonberry is one of these brush species. Detailed investigations of field sites indicate that light i~tensity in the brush stands was low but sufficient for germination and early growth of Douglas-fir seedlings and soil moisture percentages and nutrient levels were high enough to support
more » ... y Douglas-fir growth. Laboratory tests demonstrated the presence of leachable phytotoxins in the leaves of salmonberry. The hypothesis resulting from this study is that salmonberry releases a phytotoxin that in synergism with environmental stresses (i.e •• light). suppresses germination and growth of Douglas-fir seedlings in the field.
doi:10.15760/etd.963 fatcat:bmoojx66gzb6hnex54ailgzt5e