Cotrimoxazole Prophylaxis Associated With Reduced Anemia Hazard in HIV-Exposed Infants in a Malaria-Endemic Setting

Alexander Ewing, Caroline King, Jeffrey Wiener, Charles Chasela, Gerald Tegha, Mina Hosseinipour, Athena Kourtis
2017 Open Forum Infectious Diseases  
Poster Abstracts • OFID 2017:4 (Suppl 1) • S123 prolongation (7%), and nosocomial infection (4%). Two patients were pregnant at the time of presentation; one suffered severe malaria and fetal loss. Only 3% of patients reported being prescribed a prophylactic regimen and completing it; 20% reported taking an incomplete course, and the majority took no prophylaxis at all. Of 27 patients who had presented to another United States-based medical provider prior to hospitalization, 11 were initially
more » ... 11 were initially misdiagnosed and treated for conditions other than malaria, including two who underwent extensive hematologic investigations. Inadequate experience and resources in treating malaria were the primary reasons cited for transfer to the tertiary hospital from community-based providers. Conclusion. Malaria poses a substantial health risk to US travelers, particularly in light of under-utilization of prophylaxis, lack of familiarity with the disease by local providers, and delays to diagnosis.
doi:10.1093/ofid/ofx163.161 fatcat:3okk6zebqvf2nbhb77wldnltmy