LIII. Report made by M. Guyton upon a sculptured head in flint, with a covering of chalcedony. Read in the french institute on the 31st of March 1806

1806 The Philosophical Magazine  
View related articles 340 On a sculptured Head in Flint, public halls in Paris are decorated with statues, &c. of his composition. These productions are as cheap as common painted paper, and from their lightness may be transported to a great distance without much expense. The encouragemem given to M. Gardeur by the French governmenb determined him to exert himself in an extraordina~ manner to bring his invention to perfection, and he has now so far succeeded as to have nothing left to wish for;
more » ... he has extended his industry so far as to render his figures capable of ornamenting the out3ide of buildings also, by rendering them impenetrable by the weather. The members of the National Institute who were appointed by the minister of the interior to examine the performances of M. Gardeur have declared, that to the best oF their knowledge he is the only artist who ever exercised that branch of manufaeture~ and that they were perfectly satisfied with the execution of the specimens shown them on their visit to his manufactory.
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