Onboard Charging DC/DC Converter of Electric Vehicle Based on Synchronous Rectification and Characteristic Analysis

Haijun Tao, Guopeng Zhang, Zheng Zheng
2019 Journal of Advanced Transportation  
The DC/DC converter is the core part of the two-stage electric vehicle Onboard Charger. At present, the phase-shifted full-bridge soft-switching DC/DC converter has problems such as difficulty in commutation of the lagging leg, voltage fluctuation on the secondary side of the transformer, and low efficiency. A full-bridge DC/DC converter with two clamp diodes and synchronous rectification is proposed in this paper. Clamping diodes are used to suppress the voltage oscillation of the secondary
more » ... e of the transformer and provide the commutating energy of the lagging leg. Synchronous rectification reduces the loss of the switching device. The operating principle and control method of the DC/DC converter are analyzed, and the switching device loss is calculated. The simulation and experimental results show that, compared with the traditional DC/DC converter, the voltage impulse of the secondary side of the transformer is smaller, the efficiency is higher, and the soft switch can be realized in a wide load range, which satisfies the requirement of fast charging of vehicle-mounted batteries.
doi:10.1155/2019/2613893 fatcat:wvy3w4pqgzbstnr3kkwb7keenq