A Study on the Jeong-Jung-Dong [Movement in Silence] Expression Contemporary Design
현대 패션에 나타난 정중동(靜中動)의 표현 연구

Yonkyu Lee, Hosup Kan
2017 The Korean Society of Costume  
1) This is the precedent study on the modern fashion design using Korean emotions, and its aim is to study the expressions in the modern fashion based on 'Jeong-Jung-Dong' idea from Korean dancing, which implicates the Korean emotion deeply among the artworks and give essence similar to the clothing. 'Jeong-Jung-Dong', a unique idea, in the Korean traditional dancing is the philosophy that involve the paradox expression, 'Movement in Silence,' which represented the emotion of Korean dancing for
more » ... Korean dancing for a long time. The main characteristics deducted in 'Jeong-Jung-Dong' were 1) the incomplete and complete by atypical, 2) the beauty of temperance by symbolism, and 3) amusing mutual relationship. Upon the analysis results of previous studies on the expressions in the modern fashion with 'Jeong-Jung-Dong', they demonstrated the atypical expressed by metaphor, symbolic expression through margin, and mutual relational table by harmony. The analysis of modern fashion expression by 'Jeong-Jung-Dong', which is a philosophical idea in the Korean dancing, could highlight the new way of looking at the clothing and systemize the theory on the Korean emotion to seek the effective expression of artistic features for the culture together with introduction of our unique emotion in the creative design process by understanding of humanitarian and philosophical ideologies to be utilized in the future Fashion Design.
doi:10.7233/jksc.2017.67.2.052 fatcat:p75aftuiinbprk3v4mngehziqi