Production of yellow-green fluorescent pigment by Pseudomonas fluorescens

Gildo Almeida da Silva, Erik Amazonas de Almeida
2006 Brazilian Archives of Biology and Technology  
A medium was prepared from brewery waste yeast with and without mineral salts to study growth and yellow-green fluorescent pigment production (YGFP) by Pseudomonas fluorescens. The King's medium used for detection of siderophore production were expressively weaker inductors of YGFP formation when compared to FYE medium. Although FYE and CYE could be used for growth of P. fluorescens, only FYE was an attractive medium for detection of YGFP strain producers.
doi:10.1590/s1516-89132006000400009 fatcat:s3wlpaqcxvde3oxuf3fdcjiieq