Bis(η5-cyclopentadienyl)bistriphenylsilanolatozirconium( IV): a new precursor for ethylene polymerization catalysis

Angelina Altomare, Roberta Candian, Marco Michelotti, Guido Pampaloni, Francesco Ciardelli
2001 E-Polymers  
AbstractTrialkylsilanols were reported to modify and also to improve the catalytic performance in ethylene polymerization when added to zirconocene/methylaluminoxane (MAO) systems. In order to obtain more information about the chemistry involved, a new stable catalytic precursor was investigated in this work. The precursor bis(h5-cyclopentadienyl)bistriphenylsilanolatozirconium(IV) [ZrCp
doi:10.1515/epoly.2001.1.1.66 fatcat:ig5xvo7cdzaslf6is2hqtlh5lu