The Path of Constructing the Localization of Environmental Ethics in China

X Zhang, D Sun
2014 Studies in Sociology of Science   unpublished
Environmental ethics have the dual nature of moral philosophy and applied ethics, therefore, it can be with the cornerstone of metaphysical paradigms, but also attached the importance to the goal orientation for the practical efficiency. As a cultural and historical category, environmental ethics internally define "regional" and non-universal ethical theory as its core. In addition, thought of parting between subject and object reinforced the antagonistic relations between human beings and
more » ... man beings and nature in traditional western philosophy. Thus, the above two aspects lead to environmental ethics development predicament of theory and reality in China. Therefore, in order to solve the problem of modern China's severe environment and get rid of the survival crisis, environmental ethics should create paradigm on the ontology, sublet integrative thinking in Chinese ancient philosophy in terms of epistemology, take the way to sanitize Marxist Philosophy on the methodology as lessons. Finally we will realize the localization of Chinese environmental ethics in the future.