Evaluation of Different Electronic Product Code Discovery Service Models

Su Mon Kywe, Jie Shi, Yingjiu Li, Raghuwanshi Kailash
2012 Advances in Internet of Things  
Electronic Product Code Discovery Service (EPCDS) is an important concept in supply chain processes and in Internet of Things (IOT). It allows supply chain participants to search for their partners, communicate with them and share product information using standardized interfaces securely. Many researchers have been proposing different EPCDS models, considering different requirements. In this paper, we describe existing architecture designs of EPCDS systems, namely Directory Service Model,
more » ... Service Model, Query Relay Model and Aggregating Discovery Service Model (ADS). We also briefly mention Secure Discovery Service (SecDS) Model, which is an improved version of Directory Service Model with a secure attribute-based access control mechanism. Then, we analyze the strengths and limitations of these models, by comparing based on non-functional features such as data ownership, confidentiality, business relationship independence, availability, reliability, implementation complexity, visibility, and scalability. From the analysis results, we have a better understanding of which model is more suitable in what kinds of situations or scenarios. Moreover, we suggest possible improvements and identify possible future add-on applications to SecDS model in the paper. very intense, it becomes increasingly important to have a structured way of fast and secure information sharing among supply chain partners. Standardized systems and communication methods, which can be used uniformly across different organizations around the globe, are required to be developed. As such, EPCglobal organization [3], which is responsible for standardization of Electronic Product Code (EPC) technology [4], created EPCglobal Network [5] for sharing RFID information. EPCglobal Network is implemented, using standards from EPCglobal Architecture Framework [6] . It has four components, namely Object Naming Service (ONS), EPC Discovery Services (EPCDS), EPC Information Services (EPCIS) and EPC Security Services [5] . In this paper, we focus mainly on EPCDS models, since standardization of EPCDS design is still an open research question [6] . Our paper is structured as follows. Section 2 provides background information on EPCDS and EPCIS. Section 3 briefly describes existing EPCDS models which include Directory Service Model, Query Relay model and Aggregating Discover Service model. In Section 4, we describe SecDS model which is an extension of Directory Service Model. Section 5 gives comparison of the different models and Section 6 summarizes the analysis. Then, we identify possible improvements for SecDS model in
doi:10.4236/ait.2012.22005 fatcat:apckiaibindyvpfiqr3vtrvs7q