The cell theory and cellular pathology: Discovery, refinements and applications fundamental to advances in biology and medicine

L. Maximilian Buja
2021 Experimental and molecular pathology (Print)  
This review explores the developments leading up to the establishment of the cell theory and cellular pathology and their subsequent refinements and applications while focusing on the individuals who have made seminal advances in the field. The links between cell biology, cell pathology and cell injury research are emphasized. Recognition also is given to the importance of technological advances in microscopy, histology, biochemical and molecular methods for discovery in cell biology and cell
more » ... biology and cell pathology. Particular attention is focused on the work of Rudolph Virchow and his former students in the formulation of the cell theory in biology and pathology and John F. R. Kerr and colleagues who identified and developed a comprehensive characterization of apoptosis, thereby giving impetus to the contemporary field of cell injury research. Cell injury research remains an important and fruitful field of ongoing inquiry and discovery.
doi:10.1016/j.yexmp.2021.104660 pmid:34116021 fatcat:wmyifzy2qvbgffnwcbb6s3emqq