Reflections on automation and the need for new competencies in the civil pilot training

Mario Henrique Dorileo de Freitas Rondon
2017 Aeronautics and Aerospace Open Access Journal  
The results of some investigations on aircraft accidents point to the crew's unpreparedness in properly monitoring the aircraft's automation systems as one of the contributing factors to accidents 3 in other words, increased volumes of information regarding the conditions of a given flight without proper analytical and solution training may lead to more accidents. Although measurements and data are necessary to control, understand and predict technological systems' behavior, the data themselves
more » ... are not enough. The belief that more data or information automatically leads to better decisions which is probably one of the greatest mistakes made by the information society. 2 The idea of an information society has its origins in the scientific and technological advances of the post-industrial revolution. This has created a "new reality that demands competencies and skills from individuals to deal with the computerization of knowledge". 6 In this regard, it is important to highlight that the concept of knowledge is not reduced to information itself, which is its raw material. It is necessary to elaborate access, analyze and relate the information so it can be transformed into knowledge. Currently, the possibility to access information is infinitely greater than it was in the past due to the new information production sources, such as the internet, interactive cell phones, applications that reproduce realtime data, dynamic production in the network, flexibility, flow, etc. However, they only produce information, not knowledge. The information constitutes the knowledge's foundation, but first, its acquisition implies the triggering of a series of intellectual operations, which relate the newer data with the information previously stored by the individual. Knowledge is acquired when many information mutually interconnect themselves, creating a network of meanings that interiorize themselves. Currently, one of the disturbances provoked by the media is the fact that modern human beings believe they have access to the meaning of events, simply because they have received information on it. 7
doi:10.15406/aaoaj.2017.01.00019 fatcat:ejje234aivb4razgegdgqnfauy