Combining Cloud-based Workflow Management System with SOA and CEP to Create Agility in Collaborative Environment

Marian STOICA, Marinela MIRCEA, Bogdan GHILIC-MICU
2017 Informatică economică  
In current economy, technological solutions like cloud computing, service-oriented architecture (SOA) and complex event processing (CEP) are recognized as modern approaches used for increasing the business agility and achieving innovation. The complexity of collaborative business environment raises more and more the need for performant workflow management systems (WfMS) that meet current requirements. Each approach has advantages, but also faces challenges. In this paper we propose a solution
more » ... r integration of cloud computing with WfMS, SOA and CEP that allows these technologies to complete each other and bank on their benefits to increase agility and reduce the challenges/problems. The paper presents a short introduction in the subject, followed by an analysis of the combination between cloud computing and WfMS and the benefits of cloud based workflow management system. The paper ends with a solution for combining cloud WfMS with SOA and CEP in order to gain business agility and real time collaboration, followed by conclusions and research directions.
doi:10.12948/issn14531305/21.2.2017.06 fatcat:2cdih5f2izb3ti3qynypxynqsi