In vitro method to screen grapevine genotypes for tolerance to lime-induced chlorosis

L. Bavaresco, M. Fregoni, E. Gambi
Herbaceous nodes of four grapevine genotypes with different tolerance to lime-induced chlorosis (V. berlandieri x V. rupestris 140 Ru; V. berlandieri x V. riparia SO 4; V, riparia MICH. Gloire de Montpellier; V. vinifera L. cv. Chardonnay) were cultured in vitro. The effects of three levels of FeNaEDTA (5, 15, 30 mg/l) and of four mixtures of iron and bicarbonate in the MS medium were compared and chlorosis rating, ferrous iron content of the leaves and fresh weight of the plantlets were
more » ... antlets were assayed. The chlorosis rating of the tested genotypes ranked according to their known degree of tolerance/susceptibility to lime-induced chlorosis.
doi:10.5073/vitis.1993.32.145-148 fatcat:cxscvm2kjrd65do2ooucrrwlm4