Measurements of the branching fractions for the semileptonic decays Ds+→ϕe+νe , ϕμ+νμ , ημ+νμ and η′μ+νμ

M. Ablikim, M. N. Achasov, S. Ahmed, M. Albrecht, A. Amoroso, F. F. An, Q. An, J. Z. Bai, Y. Bai, O. Bakina, R. Baldini Ferroli, Y. Ban (+430 others)
2018 Physical Review D  
By analyzing 482 pb$^{-1}$ of $e^+e^-$ collision data collected at the center-of-mass energy $\sqrt s=4.009$ GeV with the BESIII detector, we measure the %absolute branching fractions for the semi-leptonic decays $D_{s}^{+}\to \phi e^{+}\nu_{e}$, $\phi \mu^{+}\nu_{\mu}$, $\eta \mu^{+}\nu_{\mu}$ and $\eta'\mu^{+}\nu_{\mu}$ to be ${\mathcal B}(D_{s}^{+}\to\phi e^{+}\nu_{e})=(2.26\pm0.45\pm0.09)$\%, ${\mathcal B}(D_{s}^{+}\to\phi \mu^{+}\nu_{\mu})=(1.94\pm0.53\pm0.09)$\%, ${\mathcal
more » ... hcal B}(D_{s}^{+}\to\eta \mu^{+}\nu_{\mu})=(2.42\pm0.46\pm0.11)$\% and ${\mathcal B}(D_{s}^{+}\to\eta'\mu^{+} \nu_{\mu}) = (1.06\pm0.54\pm0.07)$\%, where the first and second uncertainties are statistical and systematic, respectively. The branching fractions for the three semi-muonic decays $D_s^+\to\phi \mu^+\nu_\mu, \eta \mu^+\nu_\mu$ and $\eta' \mu^+\nu_\mu$ are determined for the first time and that of $D^+_s\to \phi e^+\nu_e$ is consistent with the world average value within uncertainties.
doi:10.1103/physrevd.97.012006 fatcat:5mygg7jrpbcwbctsum7njebuqa