A New Production-Splitting Method for the Multi-Well-Monitor System

Jiaqi Zhang, Chang He, Jichen Yu, Bailu Teng, Wanjing Luo, Xinfei Liu
2020 Energies  
In order to reduce the cost of wellheads, the production rate of the gas wells in the Hechuan Gas Field are mostly measured in groups, which raises a stringent barrier for industries to determine the production rate of each single well. The technique for determining the production of a single well from the production of the well-group can be called the production splitting method (PSM). In this work, we proposed a novel PSM for the multi-well-monitor system (MWMS) on the basis of the Beggs and
more » ... rill (BB) correlation. This proposed method can account for the multi-phase flow together with the features of the pipelines. Specifically, we discretize the pipeline into small segments and recognize the flow pattern in each segment. The pressure drop along the pipeline is calculated with the Beggs and Brill correlation, and the production of each well is subsequently determined with a trial method. We also applied this proposed method to a field case, and the calculated results show that the results from this work undergo an excellent agreement with the field data.
doi:10.3390/en13215677 fatcat:jwyb264qj5c3rkk7qbmhzh6k24