1902 The Characteristic of Wind Power Generation by Flexible Sheet Flutter
1902 柔軟シートプラッタによる発電特性(OS7-1 流れの計測と制御I,OS7 流れの計測と制御)

Shigeo TAKAGI, Yutaka TAGUCHI, Donghyuk KANG, Kazuhiko YOKOTA, Kotaro SATO
2012 The Proceedings of Conference of Kanto Branch  
The charactcristics of wind power generatien by the flexible sheet tlutter were investigated . In the present experiment . the effects of sheet length and wind velocity are examined . The sheet displacement , Ihe angular f掩 quency and the generated power were measured tempora 】 】 y to investigate the characteristics of power generation. In addition , the high − speed camera was used to obtain the sheet behavior , especially medes and mode change . Power generation efficiency was reugh ] y as a
more » ... atio of the measured electric power to the rotational kinetic energy calculated based on the moment of inertia , the rotational angu 藍 ar amplitude and the angular frequency . The results show that the retational angular amplitude has the largest effect on the generated power . Key " ' ords ; Flu帆er , Wind − power generation , Flexlble sheel
doi:10.1299/jsmekanto.2012.18.65 fatcat:v7pdr6kgubdvxpccuw6qi32wu4