Vocal cord paralysis in children

Nobuko Kawashiro, Keijiro Koga, Akio Araki, Jungo Yamato, Yukio Iwasaki, Yasuko Tsuchiya
1986 Nihon Kikan Shokudoka Gakkai Kaiho  
Thirteen cases of vocal cord paralysis were experienced at our hospital during the last 4 years from 1981 to 1985. All cases were diagnosed by means of the flexible fiberscopy of the larynx. The direct laryngoscopic study was performed under general anesthesia for another one case for the definite diagnosis. Only few cases of vocal cord paralysis in children have been reported in Japan. Vocal cord paralysis was not an uncommon finding in congenital laryngeal diseases. Among those,
more » ... was the most common, followed by vocal cord paralysis and then by subglottic stenosis. Nine cases had a bilateral vocal cord paralysis which was caused by central nervous system diseases such as hydrocephalus, meningocele and so on in three cases, tracheoesophageal fistula in one case, VSD in one case, genetic origin (13q-) in one case, mitochondrial myopathy in one case and idiopathic in two cases. Unilateral vocal cord paralysis was observed in four cases and it was caused by TEF, right microtie and VII palsy in one case, VSD in one case and postoperation (TEF, cystic hygrom) in two cases. Five cases of bilateral vocal cord paralysis improved their laryngeal function with growing. Two cases underwent tracheotomy and have been canulated. Remaining two cases passed away. Three patients with unilateral vocal cord paralysis recovered as they grew up, however the tracheotomy was required in one case. These results indicate that the recovery of the mobility of vocal cord is expected in patients with bilateral paralysis as well as with unilateral paralysis, however, intensive care is essential for those patients. ABR (auditory brainstem reflex) tests were performed on three patients and two of them revealed no abnormality. Other patient showed that the duration of I and III was 2.6 msec and it was longer than normal value.
doi:10.2468/jbes.37.9 fatcat:dysck4kpybdatgqpi5bosyfv4y