Family vocabulary and pedagogy (communicative-activity approach)

T. V. Rudiuk
2020 Pedagogical sciences: reality and perspectives  
Науковий часопис НПУ імені М. П. Драгоманова is necessary for the implementation of communication, and the means of its implementation are video materials that visually demonstrate the subject of study. The purpose of teaching a foreign language to students is to create conditions for the formation of communicative competence necessary for the study and understanding of foreign experience in the mainstream and related fields of science, as well as for the implementation of cultural and
more » ... nal communication. The use of videos in the classroom allows teacher to solve the urgent problems of learning and teaching. First, while watching videos, students have the opportunity to hear real speech from native speakers. Secondly, videos allow students to see with their own eyes what we talk about in class, read in texts and dialogues. When watching video films, students can learn more about the country of the target language. Moreover, the use of videos in the classroom contributes to the individualization of learning process and the development of motivation for the speech activity of students. The use of video materials in the classroom helps to improve the quality of knowledge, as it allows teacher to involve such types of communication activities as listening, speaking, reading and writing. In addition, video presentation can be justified psychologically: after all, it is through the organs of sight and hearing that a person receives the bulk of information about the world around him.
doi:10.31392/npu-nc.series5.2020.77.40 fatcat:bpag5xlwwbgbdiqclnoghsdeh4