In-situ self-assembly of Zirconium metal–organic framework onto ultrathin carbon nitride for enhanced visible-light-driven conversion of CO2 to CO

Yanan Wang, Wenlong Zhen, Shipeng Wan, Haiwei Guo, Yiqing Zeng, Shule Zhang, Qin Zhong
2020 Journal of Materials Chemistry A  
A series of Zr-porphyrinic metal organic frameworks (Zr-PMOFs)/ultrathin g-C3N4 (ZPUCN) heterostructure photocatalysts, as stable and efficient catalysts for photoreduction CO2, are fabricated via a facile in situ hydrothermal self-assembly method....
doi:10.1039/c9ta14005k fatcat:mjkbwshxpbbhpegajtq74mhrs4