Note on Inquiries as to the Escape of Gases from Atmospheres

G. J. Stoney
1900 Proceedings of the Royal Society of London  
We have now three investigations which profess to supply informa tion about the escape of gases from atmospheres. Two of them, those of Messrs. Cook and Bryan, reason forward by the help of the kinetic theory of gas from the supposed causes; the third, which is that pre ferred by the present writer, reasons backward by the help of the same * theory from the observed effects. Mr. Cook's investigation, which will be found in the Astrophysical Journal' for January, 1900, seeks to compute the
more » ... o compute the proportion of mole-cules which can attain the speed requisite for escape by means of the formula which Maxwell published in I860, assigning the proportion o f on July 19, 2018 Downloaded from
doi:10.1098/rspl.1900.0031 fatcat:bc7zo2lulfajhkweoqtcebjmru