Research Progress on Preform Forming and Microstructure of 3D Braided Composites

HAN Zhen-yu, MEI Hai-yang, FU Yun-zhong, FU Hong-ya
2018 Journal of Materials Engineering  
Three-dimensional braided composites have attracted extensive attention due to their excellent mechanical properties, which cannot be separated from their special structures. This paper aimed to provide a review on the research of 3D braided preform forming technology and the microstructure of 3D braided composites. In the aspect of forming technology, braiding methods and equipment currently used were introduced, then, research on new braiding method and braiding process was also introduced.
more » ... the aspect of its microstructure, detailed procedures of research from abstract to specification were presented, and the shortcoming of current microstructural model's characterization of fiber bundles deformation was pointed out, and two advanced modeling methods were introduced. Finally, it was pointed out that the methodology to characterize 3D braided structures can be further established in order to explore novel structures. Also, the mechanism of yarn deformation should be studied so as to get the microstructure model which is closer to the reality.
doi:10.11868/j.issn.1001-4381.2017.000682 doaj:d547389f14d34408a46426d71747d2fe fatcat:viwle3fvmbcmpmlb64bafsh7wy