Historical Turkic Literary Languages and Khwarezm Turkic

2023 Journal of old Turkic studies  
There are several unresolved problematic issues in Turkology. This is the result of the settlement of Turkic tribes, which were numerous throughout history, over a wide geography. As a result, the formation of different views of scientists on issues such as the formation of different Turkic literary languages, their names, the classification of historical and modern Turkic languages, etc. In the literary languages that emerged in these regions, Turkic tribes and various dialectal (Koine)
more » ... appeared. For a century, scientists have not come to a unanimous agreement on the naming of the medieval literary Turkic languages. The article presents the opinions of various scholars about the Middle Turkic period, Turkic literary languages in the Middle Ages, Khwarezm and Golden Horde Turkic and works, and their solutions are sought.
doi:10.35236/jots.1235726 fatcat:5shanxpzvnasvpndiyqp5vkik4