The unified scientometric model. Fractality and transfractality

R. Bailón-Moreno, E. Jurado-Alameda, R. Ruiz-Baños, J. P. Courtial
2005 Scientometrics  
A Unified Scientometric Model has been developed on the basis of seven principles: the actornetwork principle, the translation principle, the spatial principle, the quantativity principle, the composition principle, the centre-periphery or nucleation principle, and the unified principle of cumulative advantages. The paradigm of the fractal model has been expanded by introducing the concept of fractality index and transfractality. In this work, as the first demonstration of the power of the
more » ... proposed, all the bibliometric laws known and all their mathematical expressions are deduced, both the structural distributions (Zipf, Bradford and Lotka) as well as the Price's Law of the exponential growth of science and Brookes' and Avramescu's Laws of ageing.
doi:10.1007/s11192-005-0221-3 fatcat:gsewxldeyjgsdbnedkk2vrmalq