Manejo de crisis hipertensiva

Sara Alexandra Carbo Yagual, Silvia Elizabeth Barragan Bayas, Karina Del Carmen Ortiz Maridueña, Francisco Arturo Vaca Morla
The Hypertensive Crisis (CH) is one of the main complications of Arterial Hypertension (HA), the latter being one of the greatest risks of Cardiovascular Diseases (CVD). CVDs are the leading cause of death worldwide. The main objective of the present investigation is to capture the adequate management of patients presenting with hypertensive crisis. The research design that was carried out is documentary or bibliographic. The hypertensive crisis is classified as emergency and hypertensive
more » ... hypertensive emergencies. The rapid and accurate diagnosis of hypertensive crisis is essential, and it is essential to differentiate the presence of a hypertensive emergency from a hypertensive emergency, since they have different implications and treatments. The basic treatment consists of lowering blood pressure gradually and avoiding or treating possible damage to target organs. In conclusion, the management of patients with hypertensive crisis should be individualized and in this the benefit-risk relationship should be evaluated in order to establish the objectives that guarantee the patient's greater well-being.
doi:10.26820/reciamuc/3.(2).abril.2019.252-264 fatcat:vhfcerxhmnaytkmig52f22srly