Comparison of numerical schemes of river flood routing with an inertial approximation of the Saint Venant equations

Alice César Fassoni-Andrade, Fernando Mainardi Fan, Walter Collischonn, Artur César Fassoni, Rodrigo Cauduro Dias de Paiva
2018 Revista Brasileira de Recursos Hídricos  
The one-dimensional flow routing inertial model, formulated as an explicit solution, has advantages over other explicit models used in hydrological models that simplify the Saint-Venant equations. The main advantage is a simple formulation with good results. However, the inertial model is restricted to a small time step to avoid numerical instability. This paper proposes six numerical schemes that modify the one-dimensional inertial model in order to increase the numerical stability of the
more » ... ion. The proposed numerical schemes were compared to the original scheme in four situations of river's slope (normal, low, high and very high) and in two situations where the river is subject to downstream effects (dam backwater and tides). The results are discussed in terms of stability, peak flow, processing time, volume conservation error and RMSE (Root Mean Square Error). In general, the schemes showed improvement relative to each type of application. In particular, the numerical scheme here called Prog Q(k+1)xQ(k+1) stood out presenting advantages with greater numerical stability in relation to the original scheme. However, this scheme was not successful in the tide simulation situation. In addition, it was observed that the inclusion of the hydraulic radius calculation without simplification in the numerical schemes improved the results without increasing the computational time.
doi:10.1590/2318-0331.0318170069 fatcat:axt52kgg6nchfksynt3d7cahsm