Mini Caldwell-Luc - How We Do It

Sanyal Shaoni D, Raychowdhury Ranjan
2021 Otolaryngology Research and Reviews  
Citation: Sanyal SD, Raychowdhury R (2021) Mini Caldwell-Luc -How We Do It. Otolaryngol Res Rev 4(1):64-65 Open Access | Page 64 | Vol 4 | Issue 1 | Pages 64-65 Abstract Functional endoscopic sinus surgery has become the standard of care for chronic sinus disease. However, even with angled endoscopes it is difficult to visualize the entire maxillary sinus and a failure to do so often leads to incomplete disease clearance. This article describes our variation-the Mini Caldwell Luc (MCL)
more » ... Luc (MCL) procedure, which we have found effective in disease clearance with minimal morbidity. The advantage of this procedure lies in the fact that the majority or entire procedure may be performed with a 0-degree endoscope and straight instruments. The learning curve is simpler and post-operative cheek swelling and paraesthesia are minimal.
doi:10.36959/926/554 fatcat:infq67id6vfrhkuqt6zvpperpa