1920 Journal of the American Medical Association  
use, but it is not long enough and should be extended. A fine thread may be used in conjunction with the "calories per pound" scale, as in the ordinary practice of measuring with a string and trans¬ ferring to a rule. A list of the foods and their weights in pounds is prepared. Beginning with the first food on the list, the scale opposite its name on the chart is found and the number correspond¬ ing to its weight is noted on the scale and the distance from this number to the left hand end of
more » ... scale is measured with the tape. The part of the tape used in this measure¬ ment is marked off by covering it with the left thumb, the next succeeding portion of the tape is used to measure the
doi:10.1001/jama.1920.02620020034016 fatcat:u3afh7oksbg6bakpwktcxkazfi