Photoinduced electron transfer and multiple

N. Mataga
1993 Pure and Applied Chemistry  
Results of our ps-fs laser photolysis studies on interactions between unlinked D(donor)-A(acceptor) systems in luminescence quenching reactions and reaction dynamics of produced transient CT (charge transfer) or IP(ion pair) states and also on some D-A systems linked by flexible chains or directly can be interpreted satisfactorily by considering the formation of multiple CT and/or IP states with different structures depending on solvation, strength of D-A interaction and energy gap for ET
more » ... gy gap for ET (electron transfer) and change of the distribution of those states in the course of reaction. Also, the most fundamental factors regulating the photoinduced ET have been examined by using fixed distance dyads and some new critical aspects concerning the energy gap dependences of ET reactions have been demonstrated.
doi:10.1351/pac199365081605 fatcat:qmd6pidurzcglmeylhyphp76g4