Hiding information and signatures in trapdoor knapsacks

R. Merkle, M. Hellman
1978 IEEE Transactions on Information Theory  
Ahwcz--The knapsack problem is aa Np-complete combinatorial problem that is strongly believed to be computationally difficult to solve in general. Specific instances of this problem tbat appear very difficult to solve unless one pawses "trapdoor information" used in the design of the problem are demonstrated. Because only the designer can easily solve problems, others can send bim ioformation hidden in the solution to the problems without fear that au eavesdropper will be able to extract the
more » ... ormation. This approach differs from usual cryptograpkic systems in that a secret key is not needed. Conversely, only the designer can generate signature8 for messages, but anyone can easily check their authenticity.
doi:10.1109/tit.1978.1055927 fatcat:j7vrf6sfbrfjjplfrs7wt3v4fq