MOEMS Based Single Chip Lorentz Force Magnetic Gradiometer

Matthias Kahr, Michael Stifter, Harald Steiner, Wilfried Hortschitz, Gabor Kovacs, Andreas Kainz, Johannes Schalko, Franz Keplinger
2018 Proceedings (MDPI)  
The functional principle of an optical gradient magnetic field sensor consisting of two independent laterally oscillating masses on a single chip is reported. These oscillations are caused by the Lorentz forces resulting from an alternating current through the masses interacting with a static magnetic field. Light is modulated by relative in-plane movement of the masses and a fixed frame and subsequently detected by two photodiodes. Evaluation of magnitude and phase of the output signal reveals
more » ... tput signal reveals information about the uniformity of the magnetic field. The sensor is capable of detecting uniaxially strength and direction of magnetic gradient fields, offset gradient fields and homogeneous fields.
doi:10.3390/proceedings2130724 fatcat:bsulkd4iyzhnfkdxo2gznzb4uy