Supported Metal Nanoparticles: Their Catalytic Applications to Selective Alcohol Oxidation
금속 나노 촉매를 활용한 선택적 알코올 산화 반응

Muhammad Asif Hussain, Nyanzi Joseph, Onyu Kang, Young-Hun Cho, Byung-Hun Um, Jung Won Kim
2016 Applied Chemistry for Engineering  
This review article highlights different types of nano-sized catalysts for the selective alcohol oxidation to form aldehydes (or ketones) with supported or immobilized metal nanoparticles. Metal nanoparticle catalysts are obtained through dispersing metal nanoparticles over a solid support with a large surface area. The nanocatalysts have wide technological applications to industrial and academic fields such as organic synthesis, fuel cells, biodiesel production, oil cracking, energy conversion
more » ... , energy conversion and storage, medicine, water treatment, solid rocket propellants, chemicals and dyes. One of main reactions for the nanocatalyst is an aerobic oxidation of alcohols to produce important intermediates for various applications. The oxidation of alcohols by supported nanocatalysts including gold, palladium, ruthenium, and vanadium is very economical, green and environmentally benign reaction leading to decrease byproducts and reduce the cost of reagents as opposed to stoichiometric reactions. In addition, the room temperature alcohol oxidation using nanocatalysts is introduced.
doi:10.14478/ace.2016.1047 fatcat:qjn337zixvdadgas3fxn32couq