Research Literacy Level of Education Postgraduate Research Students using Rasch Measurement Model

2019 International journal of recent technology and engineering  
Research literacy is defined as the ability to search and identify relevant research articles from relevant resources, and interpret and evaluate research articles. Although there is increasing literature on the importance of research literacy, empirical data on research literacy concept is still lacking especially in the field of education. Therefore, based on the meta-data analysis, this study conceptualizes research literacy and develops Research Literacy Test (RLT) composes of three main
more » ... ponents such as information literacy, knowledge of research methodology and statistical literacy. This study determines research literacy level of postgraduate research students in education using the Rasch Measurement Model (RMM). After confirming that all items in RLT are statistically reliable and valid for the operational use, the test then distributed to 236 postgraduate research students in the field of education from five research universities in Malaysia. Findings show that the level of overall research literacy, knowledge of research methodology and statistical literacy of postgraduate students are at Moderate Low, while their information literacy level is at Moderate High. Due to the lack of research literacy, postgraduate students should not be left alone to pick up research skills as and when they could in the process of doing research. Faculty should consider improvising the current status and function of the existing research related courses. Encouragement from the supervisor is also essential. Lastly, postgraduate students themselves should take the initiative in updating their research literacy by participating in a range of appropriate activities and share their research with others.
doi:10.35940/ijrte.c1242.1083s219 fatcat:aod7sf4ki5gydkpivzllkcbgge