A Novel Simultaneous Calibration and Localization Algorithm Framework for Indoor Scenarios

Shuangzhi Li, Zhongliang Deng, Yanxu Liu, Enwen Hu
2020 IEEE Access  
Under the navigational process of simultaneous beacon-calibrating and target-positioning, the real-time positioning and calibrating accuracy in indoor scenarios is significantly limited. To solve it, a novel Simultaneous Calibration and Localization (SCAL) algorithm framework for indoor scenarios is proposed. The proposed framework is mainly divided into the Target Localization and Beacon Calibration (TLBC) and the Global Optimization (GO) section: in the TLBC section, under the typical
more » ... ted beacon layout, a processing mechanism for synchronously locating the target and calibrating beacons is proposed; in GO section, parallel to TLBC section, a global optimization method based on Geometric Dilution of Precision based on Error-propagation (EGDOP) model is further proposed, and it can utilize the geometric trajectory of target and positioning error of target and beacons to efficiently and simultaneously optimize the positioning of target trajectory and beacons from TLBC section. The numerical simulation results show that the improvement of the GO section on the positioning performance is verified. Compared with the SCAL algorithm based on backward processing with inverse trajectory, the proposed framework has improved the accuracy of target and beacon positioning by 39.06% and 58.01%, respectively, and accuracy of positioning reaches 0.2557m and 0.2437m, respectively, in an actual indoor positioning scene.
doi:10.1109/access.2020.3027859 fatcat:i6kxu3tekbfpdflbgkjilr7oca