The quasi-optimality criterion in the linear functional strategy

Stefan Kindermann, Sergiy Pereverzyev, Andrey Pilipenko
2018 Inverse Problems  
The linear functional strategy for the regularization of inverse problems is considered. For selecting the regularization parameter therein, we propose the heuristic quasi-optimality principle and some modifications including the smoothness of the linear functionals. We prove convergence rates for the linear functional strategy with these heuristic rules taking into account the smoothness of the solution and the functionals and imposing a structural condition on the noise. Furthermore, we study
more » ... rthermore, we study these noise conditions in both a deterministic and stochastic setup and verify that for mildly-ill-posed problems and Gaussian noise, these conditions are satisfied almost surely, where on the contrary, in the severely-ill-posed case and in a similar setup, the corresponding noise condition fails to hold. Moreover, we propose an aggregation method for adaptively optimizing the parameter choice rule by making use of improved rates for linear functionals. Numerical results indicate that this method yields better results than the standard heuristic rule.
doi:10.1088/1361-6420/aabe4f fatcat:we4qrtxz65hjxc77tscwsfbnx4