Discovery of X‐Ray Pulsations from the Compact Central Source in the Supernova Remnant 3C 58

Stephen S. Murray, Patrick O. Slane, Fredrick D. Seward, Scott M. Ransom, Bryan M. Gaensler
2002 Astrophysical Journal  
We report on high time resolution observations of the SNR 3C 58 using the High Resolution Camera on the Chandra X-ray Observatory. These data show a point-like central source, from which we detect 65.68 ms pulsations at 6.7 sigma significance. We interpret these pulsations as corresponding to a young rotation-powered pulsar (PSR J-205+6449) which is associated with, and powers, 3C 58. Analysis of archival RXTE data from three years earlier confirms these pulsations, and allows us to determine a
more » ... spin-down rate of P-dot=1.93x10^-13 s/s. Assuming a magnetic dipole model for PSR J0205+6449, we infer a surface magnetic field of 3.6x10^12 G. The characteristic age for this pulsar is 5400 yr, indicating either that 3C 58 was not the supernova of 1181 CE, or that the pulsar's initial spin period was ~60 ms.
doi:10.1086/338766 fatcat:jbkfboe6kvf5vbjzedaejlxz7e