Modification of the Beam as Solution of Irregular Building due to Seismic Load

Ririt Aprilin Sumarsono, Muhammad Aji Fajari, Y.F. Huang, K.W. Tan, L. Ling, K.H. Leong
2018 E3S Web of Conferences  
In recent years, deterioration due to seismic activity has been widely emerged in earthquake prone areas all over the world. Most structures without seismic consideration fail massively due to many reasons, for instance: irregularity problem, low quality of material, reinforcement insufficiency, and so forth. This paper will highlight the analysis of the irregular building simulation using dilatation by modifying the beam in some re-entrant corners and create it as separation inside the
more » ... . Variation of placement for the modified beam is examined to the applied high rise building; specifically console beam and Gerber beam. Convincingly, console beam is identified to provide better result for overcoming irregularity problem for both horizontal and vertical irregularity whereas period of structure can be shortened by attempting it as well as other behaviour parameters. Shear wall appearance will certainly increase the performance of the structure, but it will be necessarily needed for Gerber beam rather than console beam. Eminency of Gerber beam is greater probability for reducing the mass of structure since the dimension can be adjusted to be smaller than the main beam; otherwise further consideration of cantilever and intermediate span of the Gerber beam needs extra efforts.
doi:10.1051/e3sconf/20186508002 fatcat:wzrc6hyl2zf3vjj6nreurol5pm