Can we modulate asthma maintenance treatment level with disease seasonal variations?

B Sposato, M Scalese, G Moschini, M G Migliorini
2015 European Review for Medical and Pharmacological Sciences  
Asthma can have clinical seasonal fluctuations due to different exposure factors. The analysis of our data and literature confirm a seasonal trend of asthma severity. In this brief review, authors discuss the possibility to adapt maintenance therapy level to clinical seasonal fluctuations, by increasing treatment in some seasons to prevent exacerbations and by decreasing it in others, when symptoms are low, in order to minimize costs and maximize safety. Literature and our data (concerning
more » ... ta (concerning studies carried out in areas with a temperate climate) indicate that asthma severity is reduced in summer while it tends to increase in the other seasons. Authors conclude that a preventive increasing maintenance treatment level during the season when we know that patients worsen (starting some weeks before symptom worsening) may reduce asthma exacerbation risks. On the contrary, a summer treatment reduction, in patients that improve during this period, may be considered only in asthma phenotypes with a benign disease course in time.
pmid:25855917 fatcat:skcmfsq75naglcwnmdqslhbmri