Two-Stage Solution for Meal Delivery Routing Optimization on Time-Sensitive Customer Satisfaction

Wenjie Wang, Li Jiang, Vincent F. Yu
2022 Journal of Advanced Transportation  
The online-to-offline (O2O) meal delivery mode in which takeout meals are ordered online and delivered offline is recently emerging. The fast delivery of huge meal orders for time-sensitive customers imposes great challenges on O2O meal delivery platforms. This study establishes a two-stage solution for meal delivery routing optimization with the objective of maximizing time-sensitive customer satisfaction. In the first stage, a large number of meal orders are hierarchically classified and
more » ... d into delivery bundles based on the nearest pickup location rule by applying the hierarchical agglomerative clustering (HAC) algorithm, to increase fast meal delivery efficiency. In the second stage, a genetic algorithm (GA) is applied to solve the cluster-based delivery routing optimization model to find an optimal delivery route for meal orders in each delivery bundle. The numerical simulation results verify that the two-stage routing optimization solution is effective to schedule timely meal delivery and improve customer time satisfaction. The comparison of the results indicates the superiority of the proposed two-stage solution with HAC and GA on customer satisfaction while ensuring the delivery of all orders within 60 minutes. The sensitivity analysis shows the impact of time-sensitive customer heterogeneity on meal delivery satisfaction. This research has significant managerial insights for fast delivery services of O2O meal delivery platforms.
doi:10.1155/2022/9711074 fatcat:mtz5rxkzw5hobjzbbng5okheym