One-pot, large-scale synthesis of magnetic activated carbon nanotubes and their applications for arsenic removal

Jie Ma, Zhiliang Zhu, Bo Chen, Mingxuan Yang, Huiming Zhou, Chen Li, Fei Yu, Junhong Chen
2013 Journal of Materials Chemistry A  
We report a one-pot method to synthesize magnetic iron oxide/CNT composites (MI/CNTs) based on as-prepared CNTs (APCNTs) using KOH activation. MI/CNTs have high specific surface area, good dispersion and magnetic properties, making them promising for use as adsorbents for arsenic removal. The results of this work are highly significant for large-scale applications of APCNTs containing Fe catalytic particles without the need for prior purification.
doi:10.1039/c3ta10329c fatcat:kyqo2vlakbhy3lfs5u4ehemsoe