Research on the Calculation and Influencing Factors of the Green Development of Regional Industry in China

Tao Song, Erdan Wang, Xu Lu, Hao Chen, Jiangxue Zhang
2020 Regional Economic Development Research  
From the perspective of input, this paper focuses on the link of resource conservation in the development of industry, and regards the reduction of the amount of resources consumed under the same technical conditions as the development of green industry. The expected energy consumption, power consumption and water consumption calculated on the basis of the technical level in the base period are compared with the actual consumption, and the difference between the obtained resource consumption
more » ... the actual consumption is used to represent whether the industrial development is green, and the monetization treatment is carried out to quantitatively measure the proportion of the green part in the industrial added value, so as to measure the output of 30 provinces (municipalities, autonomous regions) in 2004-2017 Green development effect and level of the industry. Then, according to the measured industrial green value, the panel data regression model is used to analyze the influencing factors. The empirical research results show that the economic development level, the proportion of the tertiary industry, the high-tech level and the total investment in environmental pollution control have a significant role in promoting the development of industrial green. It shows that there are some differences in the level of green development of industries in all provinces (cities and autonomous regions), so we can improve the overall level of green development of regional industries by adjusting measures to local conditions and classifying measures.
doi:10.37256/redr.112020400 fatcat:aoca7mm4kjegnpw4lui2kiy4em