Benefits of Nordic walking

2020 Discobolul: Physical Education, Sports and Kinetotherapy Journal  
Nordic Walking improves physical fitness more than walking without poles. This is due to the fact that Nordic Walking involves more muscles during exercise. Experimental results show that around 90% of muscles are activated during Nordic Walking with the correct technique. Performing Nordic Walking influences the reduction of body weight and improves all biochemical parameters relevant to diabetes. This paper aims to find common knowledge about the benefits of Nordic Walking on the human body.
more » ... he information was found through questionnaires. The research involved 74 people – 47 men and 27 women with an average age of 38.67 ± 18.09 years. The questionnaires were fully anonymous. The majority of respondents (79.7%) are already somehow familiar with Nordic Walking, most of them (33.8%) knowing someone who practises Nordic Walking in the city. 23% of respondents have tried Nordic Walking, but only 10.8% keep performing it. According to the majority of respondents (77%), Nordic Walking is a proper activity for all age groups and they would recommend it to their parents and grandparents due to its benefits on human health. Most respondents (85.1%) believe that Nordic Walking is beneficial for human health only to prevent diseases of the muscle system and as a consequent rehabilitation method. Nordic Walking has no influence on human health from the point of view of the rest of respondents. Nordic Walking is just a pleasant way to enjoy in one's free time. This might be changed by the continuing education of the general public.
doi:10.35189/dpeskj.2020.59.s.1 fatcat:57eztfy4djh33iao2iddamjqdu