Some Features of Growth and Development of the Types of the Persica Mill. in the Conditions of the Right-Bank Forest-Steppe of Ukraine

I.M. Holubkova
2016 Scientific Bulletin of UNFU  
Національний лісотехнічний університет України Збірник науково-технічних праць 60 что большинство видов древесных находятся в удовлетворительном состоянии и не нуждаются в дополнительных мероприятиях по содержанию; для 5 видов отработаны надежные способы размножения. Ключевые слова: "краснокнижные" виды растений, интродукция, искусственное орошение, адаптация, размножение в культуре. Havrylenko N.O. Plant Conservation of the Red Book of Ukraine in the Askania Nova Dendropark The biological and
more » ... The biological and ecological features of 60 plant species of the Red Book of Ukraine introduced in the k Askania Nova Dendropark were studied. The peculiarities of their development in the new growth conditions, ecological resistance and reproductive ability are described. It has been determined that Cistus tauricus C. Presl. is unusable for cultivation in the south steppe. Lilium martagon L., Ruscus hypoglossum L., Staphylea pinnata L., Tamarix gracilis Willd. are the least adaptive, their capabilities in culture are restricted. It has been defined that 17 grass species are well renewed by generative or vegetative ways; it provides them with further preservation in the arboretum without human intervention; 11 species are need a control or increasing of the number, and 3 -the replenishment with new individuals. It has been ascertained that most of the woody species are in satisfactory condition and don't need the additional activities for keeping. Reliable reproduction methods are perfected for the 5 species.
doi:10.15421/40260309 fatcat:4wqckwwhc5f53jdefkroekpxki