Observations on the life history of Achatina fulica, a intermediate host of Angiostrongylus cantonensis, in the Amami Islands
広東住血線虫の重要中間宿主としてのアフリカマイマイ Achatina fulica の奄美諸島における生活史観察

Seiken MATAYOSHI, Shinichi NODA, Atsuo SATO
1987 Medical Entomology and Zoology  
Seasonal fluctuations in the egg production of the giant African snail, Achatina futica, the growth of the snail and the rate of infection with The JapanSociety of Medical Entomology and Zoology . 38 No,4 1987 298 The Japan Society of Medical Entomology and Zoology Vol
doi:10.7601/mez.38.297 fatcat:qowhb4i3ungfngdnehsgkdiflm