Investigations Concerning the Corrosion and Ultrasonic Cavitation Erosion of 316L Coatings Deposited HVOF on Nodular Cast Iron

Ion-Dragos Utu, Ion Mitelea, Ilare Bordeasu, Traian Bena
2019 Revista de chimie (Bucuresti)  
Stainless steel 316L coating was high velocity oxygen fuel (HVOF) sprayed onto the surface of nodular cast iron in order to improve its surface properties in terms of corrosion and cavitation resistance. The cavitation resistance and corrosion behaviour of the nodular cast iron was investigated before and after coating deposition. The morphology and microstructure of the samples was analysed by optical and scanning electron microscopy (SEM) and X-ray diffraction technique (XRD). The cavitation
more » ... easurements were carried out on a standard vibrator device. They have been correlated with the microhardness and surface roughness measurements. The corrosion evaluation was made by electrochemical tests. The results showed enhanced values in cavitation resistance of approx. 2.7 times and a decreasing of the corrosion rate for the coated cast iron.
doi:10.37358/rc.19.5.7181 fatcat:2nmk2qjf3rhjfaqtwu7rhbla7i