Frequency of Various Risk Factors in HCV Positive Patients in Initial Diagnostic Phase

Anwar Ali Jamali, Ghulam Mustafa Jamali, Ameer Ali Jamali, Bhojo Mal Tanwani, Niaz Hussain Jamali, Arsalan Ahmer Rajput, Moti Ram Bhatia
2018 Occupational Diseases and Environmental Medicine  
Viral hepatitis C is a type of illness, which is transmitted to patients by different methods in world. Here we will identify the different common risk factors for transmission of viral hepatitis C in our setup. Aim of study was to determine frequency of various risk factors in HCV positive patients. This study was cross sectional and conducted Department of Medicine PMC Hospital at Nawabshah. Duration of this study was one year from April 2016 to March 2017. After taking informed written
more » ... ormed written consent, 243 diseased persons with positive anti Hepatitis C Antibodies were incorporated in this research. Frequency of variables i.e. Hepatitis C virus risk factors and different other demographic results was collected on preformed proforma. In total of 243 subjects there were 165 (67.9%) male and 78 (32.1%) females respectively. Most of the subjects have more than one risk factor. 19 (7.8%) had history of blood and blood products transfusion. IV drug abuse was detected in 08 (3.3%). Homosexuality and heterosexuality were observed in 14 (5.8%) and 12 (4.9%) subjects respectively. History of dental procedure was seen in 31 (12.8%). 228 (93.8%) had history of needle pricking in different ways. History of different surgical procedures was observed in 33 (13.8%). Calculated Mean and Standard Deviation for age was 39.2 ± 10.3 years. It was concluded that proper implementation of precautionary measures should be carried out for every human being to reduce burden of HCV illness in far near future.
doi:10.4236/odem.2018.62002 fatcat:xjqtpagj2fgzxoyfgg46rcgbhq